Dynamica High Performance Ropes

Dynamica Rope for specialist vehicle, industrial and marine applications across Australia. Performance data

Dynamica Rope is made from Dyneema SK78 fibres produced by DSM in Holland. Dyneema is one of the strongest fibres in the world. The rope has excellent properties with regard to strength, weight, UV-stability (daylight), safety, abrasion, tension fatigue, bending fatigue. Dynamica Rope is the most compact Dyneema rope in the world.

190x210pxlropepixDynamica Rope is produced in Denmark on state of the art machinery, to ensure the best obtainable quality.

Dynamica Rope is coated with a unique coating that ensures shape stability and increased abrasion resistance for longer working-life.

Dynamica Rope is heat-set under tension to ensure maximum strength, durability and uniformity.

Dynamic Rope Mud Rescue